Elaine Ten year journey and still on it

This is my inspiration. Elaine. This is her story and how she fights everyday to be part of tomorrow.

Easter 2006:       Freckle on back of hand had got darker, itchy, bleeding. Freckle removed

May 2006:           Told freckle Cancerous

22nd May 2006:  Further op to remove more skin from around area to ensure all cancer


Follow Ups:        Every 3 months for first 3 years. Every 6 months next 4 & 5 years.

Nov 2011:            5 year discharge with less than 5% of cancer returning.


Dec 2012:             The Little Fucker returners

Dec 2012:             Found lump in right armpit. Told was probably infection in lymph nodes.

Lump got bigger

25th April 2013:  Tumour removed from armpit in Breast Care clinic

12th May 2013:   Results show NOT breast cancer but Melanoma (skin cancer)

23rd July 2013:    All lymph nodes removed from right armpit at Stoke Mandeville

July 2013:             Agreed to go on clinical trail Braf for mutation of melanoma

Had numerous test to see if healthy enough to take part in tests.

9th Sept 2013:     Had call whilst on holiday to say as result of test a shadow found in left                                breast

Sept 2013:           Had Ultra sound scan on breast, nothing showed up so they won’t do

Mammogram. Scheduled a 3 month check

Dec 2013:             Had ultra sound and mammogram, showed 3.5cm lump. Biopsy                                   inconclusive

May 2014:           Another lump removed from left breast. Radio Therapy

July 2014:             Radio Therapy every day for 3 weeks BUT  3rd day of treatment found lump                          in Stomach. Initial thoughts pulled muscle/hernia. Sent straight to ultra sound

Confirmed Melanoma.

Morning radio therapy, afternoon surgery to remove 2.5cm tumour from                             stomach.

Dec 2014:             2 further tumours removed. 1 from groin, 1 from erector spinae muscle                    (big muscle running down back) only part of tumour removed, couldn’t remove all

Jan 2015:              Tumour removed from groin

Jan 2015:              Started on drug Ipilimumab, Melanoma loved it, had 4 doses and gain more


1 in gluteus minimus, 1 in each lung, back tumour gown, blood clot and

tumour on shoulder named zaphod (by Elaine it’s not a medical term!)

Jan 2015:              Learnt to self inject

May 2015:           Drug treatment of Tembrolizumad intravenously every 4 weeks. Veins shot                               so had pick line fitted.

May 2015:           Inflammation in pelvis, all swollen.

August 2015:      After 4 lots of Tembrolizumad scan showed Decrease in lung tumour BUT

increase in all other tumours plus new tumour in Sternum.

25th Aug 2015:    Verm drug, 12 days on drug excruciating pain in now swollen joints, on

morphine, came out in rash from head to foot, emergency appointment.

Sept 2015:           36 Days on drug started to work, back pain went,

4 days later could physically see tumour shrinkage.

12 days later drugs back to poison body, treatment stopped.

8th Oct 2015:       Offered to go on drugs trail Babrafenib – Logic 2 trail.

Had all tests to ensure well enough to go on it.

Nov 2015:            Got call from doc to say; Can’t go on trail because


Nov 2015:            4 weekly visits for scans, reductions on dosage, breaks in drug taking.

Aug 2016              Stopped treatment. 6weeks with no problems

10th Nov 2016:    The LITTLE FUCKER is back and in the brain

13th Dec 2016:    Gamma Knife surgery to remove brain tumour.

Today:                  How are you Brookie? Anaesthetic worn off so pin site a bit uncomfortable.

She’s a Bloody marvel!!!